What drives us

macmon secure GmbH has set itself the objective of providing the option to all the companies - regardless of size of the company and the sector - to control and secure their network accesses. Network Access Control has already been praised and offered for many years by various manufacturers - but most of the projects have unfortunately come to nothing or even failed. The technologies were just not mature or the approaches were incorrectly selected.

With the product macmon we want to show that it is definitely possible to ensure the security of network accesses and that it is also easy to implement. The requirement to cope with a variety of networks itself has a big role to play! Our objective is to ensure the support and security without time consuming changes in the respective environment.

As we understand it, Network Access Control should be a matter of course in the future just like virus protection and firewall products. Since the attacks, intrusion attempts and espionage activities are happening more frequently and becoming more ingenious, hence we want to contribute our part in providing a basic protection.