Development of the high-security component macmon TP

The development of macmon option macmon TP was funded as part of the program to promote research, innovation and technologies (ProFIT) of the European Union. Under this program, R&D activities with regards to new technological products and processes with clear focus on implementation, are supported in particular.

The significance of this technology has already been highlighted in the benchmark paper on Trusted Computing by the federal government dated 4th September 2007: "The federal government welcomes and supports an increase in the level of IT security by implementing "trusted computing" solutions on IT platforms of companies, public administration authorities and private users based on the TCG standards. This process is promoted and actively supported by the federal government."

The endpoints in the network are presently authenticated using the current methods via a MAC address, a fingerprint or a certificate-based system, if the 802.1X standard is being used. Each of these methods provides a good or very good baseline security but they are not tamper-proof. Various attacks have shown that the defence mechanisms have to be improved because all the present methods are based on information that can be duplicated or copied and can be overcome on the device of an offender.

The starting point of the high-security component macmon TP for reliable device identification is the Trusted Platform moduls.

macmon TP is available as an extension of the macmon system.

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