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I have a very heterogeneous network with various switches and routers. Can macmon really cater to my environment?

Yes, macmon operates completely independent of the manufacturer. This means that all the SNMP manageable switches and routers can be controlled using macmon. Therefore we can completely cover even highly heterogeneous environments.


The security requirements in my company are very different - e.g. our research area has to be made highly secure. Can macmon NAC assist you?

Yes, macmon can be used in hybrid operation. This means that only the MAC address is used for authentication in some areas and more properties are used in other areas, like e.g., the IP address, host name and operating system, and in still other areas, even certificates in conjunction with 802.1X.


Though we have modern switches, we do not have much expertise in their administration because we have used only the standard functions. Do I have to acquire extensive know-how in this regard?

No, this is not necessary. The administration is done by macmon using the very simple GUI. There are just a few settings like username and password, which need to be configured on the switches, but this is generally configured already - regardless of how extensively the switches were used previously.


What does macmon require from the network infrastructure?

Our requirements are minimal. It should be possible to manage the switches and routers using SNMP V1, V2c or V3 (read and write) or using SSH / Telnet.


How much maintenance is required for macmon?

This is one of the biggest advantages of macmon: the maintenance effort is minimal. Some of our customers have saved a lot of time by implementing macmon because many automatic functions, like the dynamic VLAN management or macmon compliance, make the day-to-day work a lot easier.

Can I meet the BSI and ISO specifications using macmon?

Yes, the measure 2.216 of the basic BSI baseline security catalog* and of Article 9.1.2 and 13.1.3 (german) of the ISO 27001:2015-03 standard ("Automatic equipment identification should be considered as a means to authenticate connections from specific locations and equipment") can be completely covered.

*The installation and use of unapproved IT components should be prohibited and the compliance with this prohibition should be checked regularly.


I have heard a lot about 802.1X, why do I need macmon as well?

macmon can considerably simplify the implementation and administration of 802.1X. The implementation is often made possible through macmon by using its own RADIUS server, a simple web GUI and covering even areas that are not 802.1X-compliant. Additional functions like VLAN management or event-based responses are impossible or very difficult without the support of macmon.


The implementation with 802.1X is considered very secure, but I do not want to setup a PKI. Can macmon still be used accordingly?

Yes, the standard can be used with certificates as well as with MAC addresses (MAB Mac Authentication Bypass) or username and password. macmon can hence also use other authentication options as the certificate. Additionally, there is the possibility to cover network areas, which are not able to use the 802.1X standard through out the macmon mixed mode. Those areas than can switch to 802.1X step by step related to modernizing the systems "step by step".


What is the licensing process of macmon?

macmon is modularly designed and can be licensed in different ways. The basis is the number of MAC addresses (nodes) to be authenticated.


How can I test macmon?

You have several options for working with macmon. The virtual appliance can be quickly integrated with VMWare or HyperV and can be used directly. Alternatively, you can obtain a machine from us or your partner system house. You can obtain the associated trial license also directly from your partner or from us.


Where can I purchase macmon?

macmon is sold only indirectly across the world. This means that the solution cannot be purchased directly from macmon secure GmbH, but through one of our partners, who also provide support in testing, licensing and implementing. As a partner you can purchase our products and services through our Value Added Distributor.

How is the support from macmon ensured whenever I need help?

You always have at least two options for a contact partner for support cases. The sales partner, through whom you purchased macmon, provides support and already knows your environment. In addition, you always have the option of contacting us directly. Our support team is based in Berlin and can be reached by phone and email during our business hours.


Is macmon NAC a secure investment equipped for the future?

With macmon, some future technologies like the use of the IF-MAP technologie are already covered. The team of German developers based in Berlin is also constantly working on enhancing and developing new options for macmon. New standards, new research results, etc. are constantly being incorporated into the development of the software and as promptly as possible.

Which operating systems does macmon support?

macmon is available as a physical and virtual appliance for VMware and HyperV. Hence, you need not provide or maintain any operating system from your side. The operating systems of the systems to be authenticated do not matter, because our technologies start working already underneath them and macmon also works without an agent.


What effect does the use of macmon secure have on research projects for example: the Fachhochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

The joint research with the Hochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and other involved parties provides us with the option of always using the latest technologies and to be involved actively in developing new possibilities. macmon IF-MAP client are direct results of this research.

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