Are you looking to round out your security portfolio for your customers? Network access control (NAC) is one of the key growth factors for digitization. That’s because IT networks are always growing. And with them grow the risks for small and medium-sized companies. Until recently, though, the cost-benefit ratio for purchasing a network access control (NAC) solution was simply too high. With macmon NAC smart, you are getting an ideal packet for your customers. It makes it easy to monitor, control and secure any network. And it’s specially designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to offering comprehensive network transparency, guest and BYOD management and differentiated policy enforcement, the solution can be up and running quickly and in just a few hours without changes to your infrastructure.


  • Ideal product to build long-term business with NAC
  • Remote service ensures high margins and minimal expenditure
  • High utility makes it very easy to position with customers
  • Remote installation for maximum ease of implementation
  • No partner registration necessary
  • No pre-certification necessary
  • Ideal add-on business

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With macmon NAC smart:

  • All of your customer’s network access points are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Unauthorized access to and from your customer’s IoT devices is prevented.
  • Guests are given appropriate access to resources via a guest portal.
  • Suspicious changes in the network trigger alarms or other responses.
  • Employees can user their private devices easily and in a controlled manner.
  • Attackers and foreign devices are not allowed access.
  • Infected devices are automatically disconnected from the network.
  • External employees receive controlled access to selected resources.
  • Administrators see a graphical overview of the network – in real time.
  • All devices can be found and located in the network.
  • Endpoints connected to VoIP telephones are precisely controlled.
  • IoT devices are detected and smartly operated by the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • Port configuration and network documentation are performed automatically.
  • Employees who move automatically receive the same access to their usual resources.


Ideal for resellers looking to round out their IT security portfolio. No complicated licensing, billing or training. Simple pricing.

Minimal Effort

macmon NAC smart is delivered fully configured for the customer. The distribution partner carries out remote installation at the customer’s site, if required. Your customer receives a complete packet with hardware appliance & NBD warranty for 3 years. The license can easily be extended.


There is no need to register. All you need is to be listed with our distribution partners. That means no training expenses and no additional registration. Simply order from one of our distribution partners.


Very attractive, fixed margins. Authorized macmon partners receive a kick back from the macmon distribution partners in return for their services. They receive a 37-month license period instead of 36, which allows them to make optimal use of the 1-month installation time with the customer.

Turbo for Your New Business

Uncomplicated processing. Fast delivery within 48 h. Includes the macmon Premium Bundle’s wide range of functions, while currently being the most cost-effective solution for network access control for medium-sized customers.

Hardware Version

3-year NAC solution
3-year NBD warranty
High-quality hardware appliance
Comes completely configured
Convenient remote setup

Up to 150 nodes | Up to 250 nodes
4,490€ |4,990 €

Virtual Version

3-year NAC solution
3-year NBD warranty
Comes completely configured
Convenient remote setup

Up to 150 nodes | Up to 250 nodes
3.990 € | 4.490 €

All prices shown are net prices and recommended retail prices.



The appliance consists of high-quality enterprise components and can be used with up to a maximum of 500 nodes (devices):

  • Intel Celeron J1900 (quadcore)
  • 4xGbE LAN, USB 2.0 x 2, VGA, fan
  • 4GB.DDR3L.204Pin, SODIMM.1600
  • 2.5" 128GB SATA III SSD MLC


macmon NAC smart can only be ordered from the macmon distribution partners.

  1. To purchase the product, you must be registered with one of the distribution partners INFINIGATE and NUVIAS .
  2. Once ordered, the appliance will be sent to you fully configured within 48 h.
  3. Your customer receives the shipment from you.
  4. This shipment includes a quick start guide, a checklist and a quick guide for your customer.
  5. Your customer contacts you for an appointment for remote installation.
  6. You arrange an appointment for the installation with your distribution partner.


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