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Until recently, the cost-benefit ratio for purchasing and implementing a Network Access Control (NAC) solution was too high for small and medium-sized businesses. But IT risks are rising in SMBs as well; it’s just that they lack the time, budget and personnel. macmon NAC smart provides oversight, control and security for your network and is specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to offering comprehensive network transparency, guest and BYOD management and differentiated policy enforcement, the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) certified solution can be up and running quickly and in just a few hours without changes to your infrastructure.


  • 3 years of network access control in an all-inclusive package
  • The full range of features of the macmon Premium Bundle
  • Up to 150 or 250 nodes* - extension possible
  • Completely set up and ready for operation in max. 4 hours via a remote session
  • Choice of a high-quality appliance or a virtual version
  • 3-year NBD warranty on the appliance

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*Your company has more nodes? Then have a look at our solution macmon NAC!

Superfast Implementation

Completely rolled out and ready for use within a few hours via a remote session.

Minimal Effort

Low cost of implementation and operation thanks to group-based configuration and self-learning, dynamic set of rules. With guest, sponsor and BYOD functionality, access is assigned in a controlled and purpose-driven manner.Infected devices are automatically disconnected from the network.


The highly flexible and technology- and manufacturer-independent solution allows for continued use of your existing infrastructure. Supports all authentication methods, whether 802.1X, SNMP, mixed authentication with certificates, user accounts or MAB Existing structures such as identity stores or asset management systems are adapted and synced. The macmon REST API connects your existing and future software solutions to allow you to fully utilize macmon NAC as the central force in your network.

Return on Investment

Savings of several man-days can be achieved just shortly after the solution is started up. You get 3 years of a comprehensive network access control solution at a very competitive price. By integrating firewalls, antivirus solutions and SIEM applications, existing systems can be seamlessly combined to boost IT security and drastically reduce the burden on your IT department.

Transparency & Control

The entire network scan is performed quickly and seamlessly so that you always know which devices are on your network and where they are. You can control access based on endpoint identities and security status. Security policies can be quickly enforced.


With macmon NAC smart:

  • All network access points are protected against unauthorized access.
  • Unauthorized access to and from IoT devices is prevented.
  • Guests are given appropriate access to resources via a guest portal.
  • Suspicious changes in the network trigger alarms or other responses.
  • Employees can user their private devices easily and in a controlled manner.
  • Attackers and foreign devices are not allowed access.
  • Infected devices are automatically disconnected from the network.
  • External employees receive controlled access to selected resources.
  • Administrators see a graphical overview of the network – in real time.
  • All devices can be found and located in the network.
  • Endpoints connected to VoIP telephones are precisely controlled.
  • IoT devices are detected and smartly operated by the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • Port configuration and network documentation are performed automatically.
  • Employees who move automatically receive the same access to their usual resources.

Hardware Version

3-year NAC solution
3-year NBD warranty
High-quality hardware appliance
Comes completely configured
Convenient remote setup

Up to 150 nodes | Up to 250 nodes
 4,490€ | 4,990 €

Virtual Version

3-year NAC solution
3-year NBD warranty
Comes completely configured
Convenient remote setup

Up to 150 nodes | Up to 250 nodes
3,990 € | 4,490 €

All prices shown are net prices and recommended retail prices.

Your company has more nodes? Then have a look at our solution macmon NAC!


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