New versions macmon NAC 5.16.0 and 5.17.0 available

Find out about the improvements of 5.16.0 and 5.17.0

  • A newly included standard report now provides up-to-date details about the automatic and manual switching operations performed by macmon. Details such as the reason for the switching or the exact action performed optimize the overview of the processes on the network.
  • With the new version, the feature of automatic tasks or scheduled tasks in macmon has also been extended and now allows the execution of scripts. In addition to extensive individual options for each installation, third-party integrations are also mapped, which automate complex processes, especially on the part of third-party providers, and then connect them to macmon.
  • For the management of network devices a comprehensive extension was introduced. On the one hand, the understanding of switches in cluster operation has been improved and on the other hand, in controller-based switch systems, satellite network devices are now also automatically detected and displayed and the end devices are assigned to the actual physical network devices even if no direct communication is possible with them. This extensive adaptation was first implemented for Juniper Fusion systems, but also prepared the way for other manufacturers.
  • The rules and policies in macmon have been significantly revised and simplified, based on the experiences from various customer discussions and implementations to make the use of macmon more intuitive. The most important objects have been moved to the front in the user interface to reach the goal faster while at the same time example values provide a better understanding of the possibilities. Graphical optimizations and the automatic filling of fields with unambiguous values show more clearly that there is an understanding of the goal in the set of rules.
  • Change of Authorisation (CoA) has been optimized to support even more network devices automatically and dynamically.
  • A new third-party integration of F-Secure allows querying the age of virus signatures on all endpoints and automatically adjusting the compliance status in macmon depending on the specified time limit. This allows, for example, to automatically quarantine devices with outdated signatures while providing an overview of the overall compliance status.
  • For Trend Micro Control Manager 7 and G-Data Endpoint Protection 14.1, new anti-virus connectors have been implemented which, as usual in macmon, allow automatic reaction to threatening events, e.g. to prevent virus outbreaks on the network.
  • For the ManageEngine products "Patch Manager Plus" and "Mobile Device Manager Plus" third party integrations have been implemented that regularly query the compliance status of the managed devices and transfer it to macmon. So endpoint that do not comply with the guidelines in ManageEngine can be automatically isolated on request and an overview of the overall compliance status is created.

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