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After managing director Christian Bücker and his team had participated in a real escape game, the idea arose to develop an own game for advertising purposes. The motivation behind this: playfully presenting the topic of Network Access Control (NAC), which is absolutely necessary for digitization.

What is your Mission?

You are a highly skilled, successful and - until today - unknown spy. You have been assigned the job of stealing confidential research papers from a fortune 500 company. After conducting an extensive research, you finally find out that the data is located on the servers on the backbone network of the data centre. There is no way to access the data from outside the building as the company has excellent cascaded firewalls. After overcoming the first firewall, honey pots make every following step so difficult, that you are nearly caught. At least you are able to spy out some of the employee’s email addresses and you infect their workstations by getting them to click on a link in your phishing emails. Your Trojan horse, which was subsequently installed, includes several exploits. The probability, that your Trojan horse is active somewhere on the network, is very high. Since you are aware that the network is highly secured, you are clever enough not to let the Trojan horse try and establish a connection to the outside, where you are, but only within the network.

Your top goal now is to access the company’s building and its rooms, then the company’s network and consequently the Trojan horse. If everything works as planned, your malware should have already found a floorplan which allows you to locate the data centre in the building. However, without network access there is no way you are going to accomplish the mission…

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