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05/18/2021 | Press Releases

macmon secure GmbH: macmon SDP Launch on May 19, 2021
Christian Bücker, Managing Director of macmon secure GmbH, expects a high level of interest for the market entry of macmon SDP (Secure Defined Perimeter).



Christian Bücker, Geschäftsführer macmon secure GmbH:

“Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is becoming more and more important. ZTNA is based on the philosophy of not trusting an endpoint or a user until it is securely authenticated. For our partners who already use our NAC solution for their customers, this move toward the cloud offers an attractive opportunity for additional revenue.”

macmon SDP has a very simple operating principle that makes it incredibly easy to use. With full transparency, the macmon SDP agent provides a highly secure authentication to the macmon SDP controller in order to check the identity of the user as well as the endpoint and its security status. The SDP controller is hosted in an ISO 27001–certified German cloud in Berlin. Following successful authentication, the controller delivers the defined policy back to the agent via the encrypted connection. The policy contains all information about the accessibility of company resources.

macmon SDP – Security in the cloud

After successful authentication, the user obtains access to all the necessary resources. The user can either access the resources directly via Single Sign-On for cloud applications, or via the macmon SDP cloud gateway for resources in cloud data centers. Local resources in the corporate network can also be accessed directly via a local SDP gateway. That means, macmon SDP is also a next-generation VPN solution—one which precisely meets the requirements of today’s working methods and strategies. To provide secure communication, it uses encrypted tunnels which, depending on the configuration, provide only specific resources. All cloud strategies are supported, including hybrid cloud, leaving companies free to pursue their roadmaps for migrating services.



Christian Bücker, CEO, macmon secure GmbH:

"In Germany, there is no alternative to macmon SDP—our data is stored securely in a German data center.”



Maximum security thanks to granular access control

Depending on the enterprise resource, a distinction can be made as to whether availability is granted only in the case of full conformity of the identity characteristics and security configuration or also already in the case of restricted conformity.

For example, sensitive resources can only be accessed by a limited group of users with defined endpoints, while less sensitive resources are also available to authorized users with non-corporate devices.


Christian Bücker, CEO, macmon secure GmbH:

“We have been running macmon SDP successfully in our company for several weeks now, and it has done much more than just replace our previous VPN solution. This test phase has been accompanied by an intensive penetration test, internal training for the support team and development of a dedicated training program for our partners. In our first webinar, which took place in April 2021 and was attended by over 250 people, mostly our partners, we showed how NAC and SDP constitute a holistic approach. The webinar was very successful, not least because the product offers opportunities for additional revenue. We are convinced that macmon SDP is an important strategic step and will significantly strengthen our position on the market. We are expanding our approved and tested protection to all cloud-based company resources and are the only provider of NAC and SDP that offers Identity Management and Access Management—made in Germany and hosted in Germany.”

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