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01/25/2018 | Press Releases

"Our strategy is aimed at connecting macmon Network Access Control (NAC) with leading security solutions to enable our customers to really reap the benefits of this technology. The solution we have developed ourselves not only provides our customers with the best defence against unauthorised network access – macmon NAC can also be seamlessly integrated into other security products."

According to Gartner, a network failure in a large company results in a loss of €5000 per minute on average. Restorepoint, the product of the British company with the same name founded in 2008, makes it possible to create backups and carry out recovery functions for various products centrally while archiving those backups chronologically and restoring them. This prevents recovery tasks becoming complex and significantly reduces downtimes and the costs associated with them. In addition, it is possible to automatically analyse compliance configurations and automate changes to the network media, security media and storage media.

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