AntiVirus Connector


Various malware attacks in the recent past have shown, that a manual reaction to such threats is most of the time too slow. macmon controls your network access centrally and puts you with its open architecture in a powerful position to automate this process.

With the macmon AntiVirus Connector an interface between macmon and common AntiVirus solutions such as McAfee, Kaspersky, Sophos, Symantec (MS SQL), G Data, F-Secure or TrendMicro (MS SQL) is available. It instantaneously takes over if the virus scanner cannot handle the threat on its own. As a result, affected clients can be locked out of the network by isolation or on a hardware basis and you will be notified of the event right away. You know which endpoint devices were affected, where on the network the endpoint device is connected, so that you can clean the affected system and have it resume normal operation afterwards. The macmon AntiVirus Connector is an interactive interface and part of the macmon Compliance module.

Your added value: Affected clients are locked out of the network and you will be informed about the event immediately. You learn which end devices it is about, where it is situated, so that you can clean the affected system and put it back into operation.

The macmon AntiVirus Connector is an active interface and a part of the macmon Compliance.

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