Share and receive data and sensitive information without any risks

Email risk
Sending confidential information through the Internet via email is only supported secure via an encryption secured email connection. If your company does not have any relevant infrastructure, a risk exists every time sensitive information such as offers, reports and analyses are sent via email. Be aware that these can be read by others at any time.

Also, the size of email attachments is generally limited. If you would like to send data larger than 50 MB, you will, in general, have a problem when using the mail system.

secure download
secure download offers users the comfortable option to share confidential information or receive data through a secure Internet connection. Contrary to a normal email transfer, the transmission is encrypted.

A size limitation for the files to be transferred is present only due to the limitation of your browser (currently 2 GB) and you are informed immediately about every access to the configured data. This procedure can be used both for sending and receiving data.

secure download thereby uses a comfortable web frontend in your DMZ for targeted and secure exchange of data. This hosting area is limited temporally and external access takes place via a password protected link. The area can be chosen either for sending or receiving data.

Advantages of secure download

  • simple and intuitive use of the software
  • optimized for mobile devices
  • simultaneous and convenient administration of multiple files
  • user interface can be easily edited according to the specifications of your corporate design

secure download in 5 easy steps

1. Open secure download using the web front end and function selection: Share files or receive data

2a. Share files: Selection of the file, specifying email address, optional storage time and allocation of a password, uploading the file

2b. Receive data: Setup folder, specify email address, optional maximum upload size and storage time

3. secure download generates a secure link for downloading or uploading that is provided by email for forwarding to the third party.

4. On successful download or upload of each file, the user immediately receives the information via email.

5. The shared files or the upload folder are deleted on expiry of the storage time.

Configuration options
Using the back end, you can manage the security settings, configure text blocks, customize templates to your corporate design (e.g. colors, fonts, logo) and add other languages that are required. The complete backend for secure download can be found at the (virtual) macmon Appliance, which you can manage using your browser.

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