Guest Service – now included free in the Network Bundle!

These days, nearly everyone owns at least one mobile device and expects to be able to access the Internet wherever they are. However, mobile workers, service providers, suppliers and customers often require more specific access to certain resources in your company's network, which means that neither UMTS and LTE nor a completely separate guest network provide an adequate solution. macmon guest service, also referred to as macmon guest portal, offers the ideal solution for this:

  • Intelligent BYOD solution
  • Non-proprietary compatibility for all environments
  • Quick and easy start-up
  • Existing processes can be used and run
  • Reduces the IT department's workload by delegating access rights (sponsor portal)
  • Highly flexible access control for any situation
  • Complete, real-time overview of all guest devices

» See in the video how to grant network access to thirdparty devices

» Download Datasheet macmon Guest Service

» Download Datasheet macmon Module-Bundles