Graphical Topology

Infrastructures, even in "smaller" companies, are becoming increasingly complex and unmanageable. macmon's Graphical Topology provides you with a graphical representation of your network, allowing you to see at all times which devices are connected. If, as is the case in most networks, the network as a whole is split into virtual networks and error analyses are to be conducted there, this not only becomes complex, but it can also lead to serious errors when it comes to decision-making. This is exactly where macmon helps.

How you can benefit from the Graphical Topology:

  • Non-proprietary compatibility for all environments
  • Information visualised so that it can be used effectively
  • Allows requirements from inspections and audits to be met
  • Can also be used with 802.1X
  • Prevents incorrect decisions during network planning
  • Allows a full overview of the network to be regained


» Download Datasheet 802.1X / Graphical Topology

» Download Datasheet macmon Network Bundle

Example macmon graphical topology