Premium Bundle

Additional compliance function

The Premium Bundle includes all 6 modules of the Network Bundle and adds sophisticated techniques to check the compliance status of your endpoint devices. Your security policies find instant application.


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The Premium Bundle offers the following functions:


Aesthetic, automated network topology visualisation enables complete network visibility. Effective and efficient reporting for audits.


Operating system information on the endpoint device are being collected, as well as domain name and computer name to distinctly identify the device - this information is being used to detect, repel and locate attacks of all sorts in conjunction with the NAC feature.


Comprehensive overview of all connected known and unknown devices, live asset management, real-time device detection and automated network event response handling.


An efficient & effective tool to easily implement and operate dynamic and static VLAN deployments. A significant time saver!


Authentication using macmon‘s integrated RADIUS server based on MAC address bypass, credentials or certificates. Mixed mode through integration with existing identity stores.


Intelligent & dynamic management of external/guest devices through a granular guest ticket system to provide secure, temporary network access on LAN and Wi-Fi.


macmon as the authority on the network enforces your compliance policies and allows you to integrate with any other security solution on hand. Security incidents are being dealt with in a fully automated manner.

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