macmon NAC for education

macmon Network Access Control for Education

Every industry has its specific characteristics and requirements. However, the education industry has high demand requirements concerning Network Access Control. Taking into consideration the large volume of students, the huge diversity of unmanaged devices and enabling free information flow whilst protecting students. 

Considerations such as free internet access for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and PCs whilst laptops need to have direct access to the internal network. Students, who exchange, revise and use their devices everywhere, are often less careful in regard to their set password than with their own devices.

The education and campus environments face many challenges:

  • An environment where BYOD is simply required
  • Need to easily grant and control authorised student access whilst assuring there is a very clear separation of network and resource accessibility
  • Increased vulnerabilities to device malware and viruses
  • Complexity in attacks and attempts of data breaches by students and outsiders
  • Obligation and Liability issues resulting from illegal file sharing and downloads of copyrighted material which was officially criminalised under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

macmon BYOD - especially for the requirements of schools, universities and research institutes

The macmon guest portal is suitable to address all these requirements. With only one user name and password or even better with the AD-user and password (if available) students can register and manage their own devices within the Captive Portal of macmon. Thereby many definable devices are allowed whilst every registration in the network is comprehensible via the user. This is how the facilities can maintain the overview of the driven devices and the connection to the users without an own administrative effort. Based on the location, access can be defined many ways such as by user or groups – internet access only, internal network access only, both etc. – whilst the access rights are basically available as long as the user account is valid.

Graphically adjusted to the respective facility, regardless of the used LAN and WLAN structure and hardware, highly flexible due to the fully developed role concept and easy to use because of the automatic and dynamic set of rules, macmon NAC with the Guest Service and BYOD portal is suitable for every facility.

Due to the complexity of devices and fluctuations in users macmon secure offers as a licensing model that is adjusted to the demands of education. Whilst in administrative areas the number of devices is still decisive, a user-based licensing model for students is possible. Every user can run several devices simply using the self-registering portal. In order to support the crucial importance of research and teaching, cost has been taken into account to reflect the students usage in our education licensing model.

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