macmon NAC for Finance & Insurance

macmon network access control for critical infrastructure: Network security as an important part of IT banking

Financial institutes are one of the sectors with the highest requirements for information security. On the one hand, this is because almost all the business processes are IT-based and therefore there is a great dependency on the availability of systems that are becoming increasingly complex. On the other hand, the threats posed by cyber crime is increasing significantly.

This growing vulnerability and risk of economic losses as a result of IT risks increase the pressure on having an active IT security management in banks.

macmon benefits for protecting networks in the financial and insurance sector:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of the banking network
  • Monitoring and control of all the devices present in the network (live asset management) and documentation of all accesses to the bank's network
  • Defining specific data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more specific protection of sensitive data like customer information
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by only granting network access for the defined (internal and approved) devices
  • Enabling flexible access (time and location) to selected areas of the network (VLANs, WLANs) or sensitive data, at the same time providing protecting from unauthorized access
  • Supporting the ISO 27001/27002 certification
  • Supporting the implementation of the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) published by BaFin


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