macmon trainings

The macmon training course is spread across three days, each of which theoretically stands on its own. The aim is to increase users' knowledge of macmon more and more each day, which means that people have the option of joining the course on Day 2 (if they already know the material covered on Day 1) or stopping the course on Day 2 (if they do not need the depth of knowledge covered on Day 3). If you are still unsure of what training you need after reading the brief descriptions of these three days, please contact us so that we can talk to the trainer and work out the best course of action for you.

The training sessions will be held directly at our premises in Berlin and led by our own technical staff. They will cover both theory and practice, with participants getting the opportunity to do practical exercises in their very own lab. The course fees include drinks and lunch together every day.

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Basic training I

This is aimed at network administrators who are familiar with using IP addresses, ARP, DNS, DHCP and VLANs. As you would expect, Day 1 kicks off with macmon's main features, including the structure of our software, the GUI and the first steps in defining a set of rules. Anyone who already uses macmon themselves and would like to utilise the course purely to refresh their memory or gain more in-depth understanding does not need to attend on Day 1 if they do not want to. Please note, however, that the following two days build on this knowledge and that, out of consideration for the other participants, not everything can be gone back over.

Basic training II

Day 2 covers sets of rules in more depth, as well as VLAN management and other macmon options such as 802.1X. For participants to deepen their knowledge of these areas, they must already be familiar with the basic functions of macmon. Day 2 aims to give you the tools to use macmon with confidence in day-to-day business operations and teach you about the various different ways in which you can adapt macmon to suit your environment without assistance.

Advanced training

Day 3 covers macmon compliance functions, macmon scripting options to enable you to "get even more" from your system, more in-depth material on 802.1X and many other features that will help you to adapt macmon to any situation or use macmon effectively in any environment. Participants on Day 3 must have already attended both of the first two training days (although not necessarily immediately one after the other).


Training dates

Dates are available on request


Agenda Day 1
10:00  – 17:00 Uhr


      • Welcome and organisational information
      • Overview/objectives and how macmon works
      • The macmon user interface (GUI)
      • Basic configuration and working with the macmon GUI
      • "Basic 1" set of rules
      • "Basic" reports
      • Statistics
      • Advanced security
      • “Basic 1” VLAN management
      • Settings and setup





      Agenda Day 2
      9:00 – 17:00 Uhr


          • "Basic 2" VLAN Management
          • "Basic 2" Set of rules
          • "Basic" Guest Portal“
          • "Basic" 802.1X
          • User administration "Automation"
          • Installation, configuration, maintenance, Appliance
          • Overview of other macmon options
          • AV connector
          • Installation options, planning/sizing
          • "Basic" (tuning and) troubleshooting
          • "Meet the Experts 1" (20 mins)

          Agenda Day 3
          9:00 – 16:00 Uhr


          • macmon Compliance
          • macmon TP
          • „Advanced“ Guest Portal
          • „Advanced" 802.1X
          • „Advanced“ Automation
          • macmon scripting
          • macmon interfaces
          • „Advanced“ (Tuning and) Troubleshooting
          • „Meet the Experts” „2” (20 Min)