Update macmon now

Get the best possible network security with software updates from macmon NAC

You receive this message because your macmon version is 12 months or older and / or your maintenance contract will expire soon. What to do now?

To get the full network protection we have two recommendations for you:

Security Updates

The team of German developers is constantly expanding macmon and creating new possibilities. New standards, new research results, etc. are permanently and as promptly as possible incorporated into the further development of the software. In addition, integrations with products of other manufacturers are continuously created, which allow a strong integration into the existing environment.

Each version update contains various new features and fixes. An update of macmon NAC ensures optimal performance.

The update is available for you in the Service Portal. If you do not have access to our Service Portal yet, you can sign up here.

Maintenance extension

With a maintenance contract you get access to the macmon service portal. There you get not only the latest program versions and updates, but also comprehensive materials such as white papers, product descriptions, manuals and other technical information. The KnowledgeBase offers you the possibility to get information about updates, known and fixed bugs and possible workarounds.

As a maintenance customer, you also have the possibility to take advantage of our support.

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