Trusted Computing Group

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is a not-for-profit organization formed to develop, define and promote open, vendor-neutral, global industry standards, supportive of a hardware-based root of trust, for interoperable trusted computing platforms. The TCG develops specifications amongst it members. Upon completion, the TCG publishes the specifications for use and implementation by the industry. 

The TCG publicizes the specifications and uses membership implementations as examples of the use of TCG Technology. The TCG is organized into a work group model whereby experts from each technology category can work together to develop the specifications. This fosters a neutral environment where competitors and collaborators can develop industry best capabilities that are vendor neutral and interoperable.

The central point of the TCG grounds on the specification of a new mile stone, onto which the whole security concept is build up: The “Trusted Platfrom Module” (TPM). This part of hardware is strongly and tamper-proof aligned with the motherboard and shall secure the “hostsystem” from software-based attacks. The security of a system is thereby reduced to a single module, which enables the possibility to proof integrity and authenticity of the system.

Furthermore, the Trusted Computing Group developed open standards for network security in the scope of their Trusted Network Connect Working Group (TNC-WG).

With the TNC-concept, the integrity and compliance of the endpoints related to the company policies and requirements can be ensured. The TNC-Framework guarantees the interoperability between endpoints of diverse manufacturers. The systems may communicate their configuration to the server, which determines the trustworthy and expands or restricts the network access.

macmon secure has been a member of TCG since 2011.

Based on the TPM-module, macmon secure developed the macmon-option macmon TP, funded within the scope of the “Programm zur Förderung von Forschung, Innovationen und TechnologienProFIT(ProFIT)ProFIT of the European Union.

The relevance of the technology already was highlighted in the „Eckpunktepapier „Trusted Computing“ der Bundesregierung“ (basic points paper of the German government) on the 4th of September 2007.Die Bundesregierung begrüßt und unterstützt eine Erhöhung des Niveaus der IT-Sicherheit durch die Einführung von „Trusted Computing“-Lösungen auf IT-Plattformen von Unternehmen, öffentlicher Verwaltung und Privatanwendern auf Grundlage der Standards der TCG. Dieser Prozess wird durch die Bundesregierung gefördert und aktiv mit gestaltet.“ The German government welcomes and supports the increase of the IT-Security level throughout the implementation of “Trusted Computing” solutions on companies, public authorities and consumer IT-platforms based on the TCG standards. This process will be supported and actively devised by the German government.