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At macmon, we are working with Belden to achieve the ESG goals.

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Demystifying NAC

Network Access Control with macmon explained simply.

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Happy Birthday macmon!

20 years macmon - an exciting journey in the world of cybersecurity

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Zero Trust Network Access in the Cloud.

How enterprises can securely and easily authenticate endpoints and users anywhere.

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Smart Solutions for SMEs for macmon

macmon NAC smart protects even small company networks against unauthorized access - inexpensively and easily.

Smartly Simple For Networks and Clouds

Since 2003, macmon secure has been offering infrastructure manufacturer agnostic solutions that protect heterogeneous networks from unauthorized access thanks to instant network visibility. macmon NAC is implemented quickly and easily, with significant added value for network security. macmon extends its Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) strategy to all company resources in the cloud with the macmon SDP product, and is the only provider of NAC plus SDP with Identity Access Management, hosted in Germany.

macmon NAC     macmon SDP


Get a complete network overview and detect UFOs.

Network Access Control

Access control based on endpoint identities.


Access control based on the security status of terminal endpoints.


Direct and secure communication with the resources in the cloud.

macmon NAC – The Best-of-Breed-Solution

Your Advantages

  • Instant network overview with graphical reports & topology
  • Implementation within 1 day & intuitive daily handling
  • Mixed operation with and without 802.1X
  • Intelligent AD integration with dynamic ruleset
  • Highly flexible "guest" portal
  • Sensible integrations with other security products
  • Vendor independent
  • German manufacturer support

How We Prevent UFOs in Your Network

Overview, Control, Safety.

macmon Network Access Control enables you to know what devices are on your network and where to find them. UFOs (unknown frightening objects) are a thing of the past, as all your devices such as PCs, printers, laptops, medical and technical devices are identified at any time, efficiently monitored and protected against unauthorized access. Guest and employee devices (BYOD) can be easily and securely authorized via the macmon guest service using dynamic management of network segmentation.

Access Control for Cloud Resources

Smartly Simple in Today’s Mobile World.

With macmon SDP you can respond to modern workplace requirements. Flexible working, at any time from anywhere, is possible. Because with macmon SDP you can access your company resources locally or also in the cloud securely and user-controlled.

macmon SDP – The All-in-One-Cloud-Solution

Your advantages

  • Individual policies at user and device level
  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs thanks to SaaS
  • Cloud Identity Provider
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Prevention of "Account hijacking"
  • Seamless integration of cloud resources
  • Reduction of traffic
  • Highly scalable for any number of users
  • Global availability
  • Hosted in Germany & german support
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Data center certified to ISO 27001
  • "Zero Trust" support for 15 years



Get to know macmon NAC and macmon SDP easily and clearly in our whitepapers and videos.​​​​​​

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02/27/2024 | Events
Visit the cyber security summit for critical manufacturing processes.

Press Releases

09/18/2023 | Press Releases
The Network Computing magazine recently subjected macmon NAC solution, to a comprehensive user test and the findings were overwhelmingly positive.
06/02/2023 | Press Releases
macmon secure received the "Network Computing Award 2023" and won first and second place.


08/21/2023 | News l The article discusses how macmon secure GmbH provides a simple and agentless Network Access Control Solution
12/02/2022 | News
cybersecurity l Communication within classic manufacturing and IT networks already took place in closed systems.

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