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Why Simple?

macmon is the most rapidly and easily implemented Network Access Control (NAC) solution on the market. It takes away complexity, giving you immediate visibility into your LAN and WLAN. Whether it be BYOD or guest devices, all seamlessly integrated using our unique guest service portal. In addition, macmon ensures compliance to important standards like PCI or diverse other ISO standards. macmon’s VLAN-Manager reduces administrative efforts massively, whilst segmenting the network increases your security level enormously. NAC smartly simply.

macmon Network Access Control - 5x Simple

Network Access Control – Smartly Simple

Setting up a NAC solution remains a difficult undertaking, since the more complex and heterogeneous a network is, the more difficult it is to create network access policies in advance. Moreover, these policies typically need to be defined, created and maintained for endpoints in terms of types, locations, identification methods and other details. With many NAC solutions, this complexity remains a real problem.

macmon NAC makes setting up and operating an NAC solution smartly simple—and offers maximum network visibility with minimum effort. That’s because macmon NAC begins generating this information independently just a short time after conducting a comprehensive network scan. Access decisions can thus be made automatically and network connections can be controlled intelligently and in accordance with their specific purpose. In contrast to solutions from other manufacturers, macmon NAC begins thinking and acting independently shortly after it is started. This is made possible by a unique approach consisting of group-based configuration and intelligent, dynamic set of rules. Once the software is started up, administrators only have to focus on special cases. This is particularly true for mobile devices, which are always provided with the appropriate access, dynamically and from any location, without the need for manual intervention by administrators. The software also eliminates the need for tedious, manual mapping of existing configurations. With just a few clicks, administrators can set up security zones that can only be accessed by endpoints with a certain quality of identification. Thus only endpoints that have been identified as secure will get access.

Visualize and Intelligently Manage Complex Networks

Network visibility is a core issue—and one that many NAC solution providers ignore during subsequent administration of their software. macmon NAC visualizes the entire network in a graphical topology and in real time. In addition to the network itself, it also displays all connections between the network devices in the infrastructure. This valuable overview is available shortly after startup and enables you to locate incorrect configurations, unknown devices and vulnerabilities. This achieves maximum stability and ensures that the network is secure.

Simple Control

To fully control today’s networks, an NAC solution must also be able to support any authentication technology. Not all providers offer this functionality or enable mixed operation with technologies such as 802.1X and SNMP. macmon NAC not only supports such functions, but it also scales with the network. The existing infrastructure can be used just as it is. If changes occur, the set of rules, automated functions and processes in the background ensure that you do not have to take any additional actions in macmon NAC.

Smart Use of Information

Using and maintaining identical or similar information across different systems poses great challenges for companies. While many NAC providers add an additional structure to this landscape, macmon NAC intelligently uses the existing structure. It uses a direct connection to the AD or LDAP service to map the groups contained therein with the macmon groups. The open REST API enables you to directly connect any asset management system and synchronize the groups, including the endpoints that they contain. This eliminates redundant maintenance and ensures that third-party applications are always kept up to date.

macmon NAC – Smartly Simple

With many other software implementations, companies can quickly find themselves at an impasse. That’s because they describe only standard cases and do not consider exceptions in detail. But since exceptions are the rule in business processes, companies need highly dynamic solution that can work automatically but intelligently with the existing infrastructure. Above all, the solution must not hinder the company’s operations but instead make them simpler and more efficient.

Based in the heart of Berlin, macmon secure GmbH has specialized exclusively in the development of network security software since 2003. macmon’s Network Access Control (NAC) solution is developed entirely in Germany and is used worldwide to protect networks from unauthorized access. macmon NAC is highly flexible, is technology and manufacturer independent, and can be rolled out easily and comprehensively in just a few hours. Our customers also enjoy direct support from our experts in Berlin.

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