Safeguarding IT & Medical Networks

macmon NAC & SDP for Critical Infrastructure

Safeguard and monitor your critical healthcare infrastructure with macmon. The zero-trust approach means you don't compromise on protecting patient, research or donor information. IT networks that integrate medical devices are becoming medical networks - meaning that in almost all hospitals, the IT networks are now also medical networks.

The fact that the modern devices require a network connection and the requirement of the doctors to be able to access the digital results such as MRT systems (anytime and anywhere), is generally compelling the IT departments to integrate the networks that were previously separate.

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Benefits for Network Security in Hospitals and Clinics

With macmon NAC

  • Connecting all the medical equipment without any risk for the existing network or the medical devices
  • Providing flexible access (in terms of time and location) to patient data for doctors and simultaneous protection from unauthorized access
  • Providing dedicated and temporary Internet access for guests and patients, without having to setup separate WLAN infrastructures for doctors and patients
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by only granting network access for the defined (internal and approved) devices
  • Monitoring and control of all the devices present in the network (live asset management) and documentation of all accesses to the hospital's network
  • Supporting the ISO 27001 certification, the IT baseline security catalogues and hospital certification processes (e.g. KTQ certification or DIN IEC 80001)
  • Defining specific data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more specific protection of sensitive data like patient information

With macmon SDP

  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs thanks to SaaS
  • Exact network segmentation
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and device level
  • Flexible and adaptable implementation of compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive overview of the use of individual resources
  • Fulfillment of verification requirements according to ISO, PCI or also GDPR requirements
  • Hosted in Germany

macmon NAC for Protection of Your Healthcare IT-Network

See and hear on how to use macmon NAC in critical infrastructures and how to generate added value with macmon. In our latest industry video we explain how to secure IT in medical networks. Take a look at it here.

Case Study Vivantes

Vivantes – Network für Gesundheit GmbH, seated in Berlin, optimizes network security and network management using macmon secure Gmbh´s macmon NAC solution, resulting in concise and comprehensive end-device monitoring, significant optimization of resources and reliable, future-oriented network security.

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