Connect reliable macmon Network Access Control (NAC) with leading security solutions and profit from real benefits!

Our in-house developed NAC solution is not only the answer to ideally protect your network against unauthorized access, but our product also offers a way to seamlessly integrate with other security solutions. We differentiate between integrations with endpoint compliance platforms, whole infrastructures, asset management systems and identity stores, whereas asset management systems and identity stores can be bidirectional inte-grations. Some vendors offer more than just one integration of different types, but to identify which is the right one for you we classified them this way. Below you will find our long-term partnerships with leading technology brands - if your preferred brand is not on the list, talk to us so we can evaluate a potential integration. Take advantage of this opportunity and profit from our sophisticated interface to meet your high standards. Make use of this advantage and get true benefits from our product integrations.

Technology partnerships

Asset Management

The bidirectional connection with asset management solutions, such as CMDBs, inventory, client management and other systems makes both the endpoint and network device information synchronize automatically. Depending on the given workflow either this third party solution or macmon NAC can be in the active role of communication, whereat macmon NAC is most likely to learn new endpoints first and then shares its knowledge.


If an existing solution found an endpoint on the network and determines a non-compliant state, that either stems from malware or originated on a botnet, it would pass this information on to macmon NAC. This message about the incident is going to contain the identity, the reason and the new compliance status. Other systems can also be updated on this new compliance status at the same time.

Identity integration

Already existing identity integrations on the network, such as mobile device management solutions, AD or LDAP services, SAML, RADIUS servers or other systems, could be used by macmon NAC to perform qualified authentications of endpoints. Uniquely authenticated identities and their respective current status can be passed on to third party solutions, such as firewalls and others.


macmon NAC learns about what devices are on the network by reading or receiving data of the network infrastructure . The development branch’s knowledge transfer with infrastructure manufacturers makes sure that this data is provided reliably and correctly for macmon NAC.

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