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Network Security and Cloud Security for Educational Institutions

Every industry has its own specifications and challenges. A wide variety of requirements arise in learning and research environments: E-learning, homeschooling, blended learning in split classes or other digital teaching scenarios. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions require an open network architecture that must be resilient and highly available due to the large number of users.


Secure, controlled internet access for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs must be guaranteed. In certain buildings and areas, direct and secure access to the internal network and online resources of the school, university or institute should be possible. Since the COVID-19-pandemic, secure remote access has also become particularly important in the education sector, because online learning platforms, video conferencing applications, virtual classrooms and digital libraries are tools in daily use. These structures need to be secured to minimize potential cyber threats and protect users. Compliance guidelines for endpoints and users can be implemented with macmon. This can include, for example, preventing access to inappropriate online content via the educational institution's network and thus creating a safe, digital learning environment.

In addition, pupils and students swap their endpoints, reset them, and use their devices everywhere. The login must be secure and work independently from endpoints. As the number of users in the network increases, so do the gateways for cyber-attacks. The security of network and cloud resources can’t rely on the security awareness of the users. After all, it cannot be assumed that the use of passwords of a large number of pupils, students or teachers will be consistently secure.

Data in the education sector is highly sensitive. For example: There is an increased need to protect the personal data of underage pupils or the latest research findings. Research in particular can be an attractive target for cyber criminals and requires a strong security concept. The network of an educational institution must be a secure space for collaboration, communication and the exchange of learning and research materials.

macmon offers a basis for an innovative and future-oriented security concept. Our security solutions enable flexible and easy access to cloud and network resources with a high level of security: a secure foundation in cybersecurity for education, research, and development.

Use Case Leibnitz-Institut

ISAS takes precautionary measures: macmon for effective security of research and management data.
The Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften (ISAS) not only safeguards its critical data reliably using macmon but it‘s also well equipped for the security requirements of the future.

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Your Advantages as an Educational Institute

With macmon NAC

  • Overview of all operated devices and connections
  • User-based licensing specially adapted to the field of research and teaching at attractive conditions
  • manufacturer-agnostic control of network access based on users and devices to cover the entire campus
  • Highly flexible guest and BYOD portal for comfortable management of student devices and accesses, multiple endpoints per user possible

With macmon SDP

  • Seamless integration of cloud resources and e-learning-platforms
  • More security of accesses and data through macmon's integrated two-factor authentication
  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs thanks to SaaS
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and endpoint level
  • Complete overview of the use of the individual resources
  • Highly scalable for any number of students, multiple endpoints per user possible

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