Two Solutions for Every Industry

macmon NAC and macmon SDP for Your Industry

Different industries also mean different requirements. With macmon NAC and macmon SDP, we meet these requirements and offer flexible solutions for optimized protection of your resources. As a long-established product, macmon NAC is proven and in use in all industries. macmon SDP also secures all cloud resources.


macmon NAC supports the certification of industry standards for information security in the automotive industry.

Authorities & Public Sectors

Authorities & public sectors hold a large amount of sensitive personal information - on all of us. At the same time this data needs to always be readily available to the official in charge - on various devices and in various locations.


In education in particular, a variety of network access requirements arise, given the volume of students, the variety of different devices, and the use of online learning platforms and video conferencing.

Finance & Insurance

Banks, credit institutions, financial service providers and insurance companies have always worked with data that can cause considerable financial damage if misused. At the same time, the requirements for mobile systems, access from anywhere and the greatest possible flexibility for competitiveness are increasing.


IT networks that integrate medical devices become medical networks. Control and security in mixed networks are vital and, failing that, even life-threatening.


The growing number of networks in production environments, which partially extends into office workplaces, is causing the complexity and vulnerability of networks to increase. In contrast to office workplaces however, sensitive components in production networks, such as robots, machines and control systems, cannot be protected using conventional means.

Retail Sector

Growth and consolidation in the retail sector is leading to larger and larger store structures. The merging of different retail companies and the associated requirements to combine heterogeneous infrastructures of the individual stores' networks requires intelligent IT security solutions.

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