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The training course will take place remotely and is spread across five half days, that build on each other. Each day tries to convey and deepen the participants knowledge of macmon. We emphasise on a practical approach, which is achieved by providing a virtual lab to each participant. Concise facts and the macmon NACBook will aide to understand the product on a more profound level. 

This course is aimed at network administrators and like-minded takers that are familiar with terms like IP address, ARP, DNS, DHCP, VLAN. The macmon training course will be conducted by one of our engineers. For an effective training focused on the implementation of macmon NAC, we require appropriate knowledge which you can read here in detail. Required knowledge to participate in a macmon training. The training is conducted by our own technical staff.

If the compendious way of teaching during the course does not fully gratify your expectations, we encourage you to let us know!

Our trainings are not meant to be just frontal teaching, that's why our trainers welcome your feedback during the workshop. Feel free to ask your questions and give them your feedback at any time–this way you can also make the most of the day for your use cases. Seeing a friendly face behind the camera will motivate your trainer a lot.


  • 8/21- 8/23/2024

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