IT Security for Public Sector

Zero Trust – a Strategic Approach for Public Authorities and Administration

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is becoming more and more important in IT. ZTNA is based on the philosophy of not trusting a device or a user until it is definitively authenticated. As our working environment is increasingly reshaped by mobile working, digitalization, the Internet of Things and the outsourcing of various services to the cloud, ZTNA must continue to be a key component of integrative IT security solutions in the future.

Digitization no longer affects only industrial companies, but also public administration. A digital society needs not only a modern infrastructure, but also a secure one. 


Public Authorities are a target for cyber-attacks more than ever, due to the sensitive information stored - about every single one of us. When digitizing administrative processes, European guidelines for network and information security or data protection must also be observed, whilst complex networks grow by number of devices, employees and data volumes.


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Public authorities are increasingly becoming a popular target for cybercriminals.                                                                                                Learn more about it by clicking the button.


macmon Benefits for the Protection of Goverment and Administration Networks

With macmon NAC

  • Maximum security through granular access control and excact network segmentation
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by exclusively granting network access to the defined (owned and authorized) devices
  • Protection of administrative IT systems from attacks on sensitive and personal data
  • Monitoring and controlling all the devices located in the network (live asset management)
  • Dedicated Internet access for guests & visitors or BYOD initiatives
  • Meets different security standards (ISO, DPA, IT-Grundschutz, BDSG, LDSG)


Mit macmon SDP

  • Monitoring and control of access for home office workstations
  • Includes Cloud Identity Provider / Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Highly scalable for any number of users
  • Support for the implementation of operating models for cloud service models in public administration
  • "Split tunneling" out of the box
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and device level
  • Documentation of all accesses to the public authority/administration network, even with wide-ranging organizational structures including the use of cloud offerings for public administration

Use Case Comune di Trani

Italian local goverment trusts in german macmon NAC and secures the IT network against internal and external attacks and makes administrative processes in the IT department more efficient in the area of VLAN management.



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