Private Cloud Protection

Secure and Direct Communication with Resources in Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud environment that is operated exclusively for an organization or a company or is intended to be accessible. Access to these cloud resources is either via the macmon Cloud-SDP Gateway, which is provided by macmon, or via a separate and self-managed SDP gateway.


To establish a connection to the cloud resources, the user and the agent installed on the end device first authenticate themselves on the macmon SDP controller. If the authentication is successful, a connection to the corresponding SDP gateway is established and thus a connection to the shared cloud resources.


Which services are accessible for the respective user can be defined individually via policies. In addition, the security status of the end device is also included, so that, for example, despite valid authentication, the resources are not made accessible due to a poor security status.

Advantages of macmon SDP

  • Thanks to micro-segmentation, maximum reduction of the attack surface
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and device level
  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs thanks to SaaS
  • „Split tunneling“ out of the Box
  • Prevention of „Account hijacking“
  • Seamless integration of cloud resources and reduced traffic
  • Highly scalable for any number of users
  • Global availability
  • GDPR-comoliant & german support
  • Supporting Zero Trust with NAC for over 15 years

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