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With digitalization a wide variety of technologies are finding their way into the banking and insurance sector and are changing the industry permanently. The financial sector is considered a critical infrastructure and has the highest requirements in terms of network and information security.

Many financial and insurance service providers are already using public cloud, i.e. they use storage and computing capacities in data centers of cloud service providers. This makes workflows more efficient and enables new innovative business models. Regarding the on-going changes in industries and customer requirements, a flexible,powerful, and resilient IT infrastructure is essential. Most banks and financial institutions today work with hybrid solutions: a mix of traditional IT systems and cloud applications.

The zero-trust approach applies: sensitive customer data such as credit card information, account and insurance numbers are processed within the digital services. This data is subject to the highest level of confidentiality. There is no room for security risks here.

The highest level of security is required for finance and insurance, while at the same time fast and secure data transfers and transactions must be guaranteed. Almost all business processes are IT-supported. The systems require high availability while becoming increasingly more complex. At the same time, the threats of cybercrime are growing. Millions of phishing emails are sent out every day to gain access to sensitive banking information and hack into accounts. Robust security concepts for networks and digital services in the financial and insurance sectors are needed to withstand identity and data theft attemps and other online scams.

Reliable identity management, multi-level authentication and granular access management are needed to ensure their security. macmon offers financial service and insurance providers future-oriented security solutions for local networks and cloud resources.

Benefits for network protection in the financial sector

With macmon NAC

  • Live inventory management and reports: monitoring and control of all devices in the network and documentation of all access to the network
  • Targeted network and data protection: definition of targeted data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more targeted protection of sensitive data such as customer information
  • Granular access management: ensuring the integrity of the network by only granting network access to defined (owned and authorized) devices
  • IT forensics and analyses: support for forensic analyses of security incidents, impact analyses for network areas, locations or individual network devices
  • Guest portal and network segmentation: enabling flexible access in terms of time and location to selected network areas, applications or sensitive data while protecting against unauthorized access
  • Compliance: flexible and customizable implementation of compliance requirements
  • Industry standards in the financial sector: support in implementing the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) issued by BaFin
  • Security standards and regulations: fulfillment of verification obligations in accordance with ISO, PCI or even GDPR requirements, support for certification in accordance with ISO 27001/27002

With macmon SDP

  • High availability: thanks to SaaS - high and global availability
  • Precise network segmentation
  • Policies and compliance: individual definition of policies at user and device level, flexible and customizable implementation of compliance requirements
  • Resource overview: comprehensive overview of the use of individual resources
  • Regulations and security standards: fulfillment of verification obligations in accordance with ISO, PCI or GDPR requirements
  • Made in Germany: hosted in Germany, German support

Reference customers from the finance and insurance sector

Case Study uniVersa Versicherungen

The intuitive and simple use of macmon NAC was a key factor in the decision-making process, the implementation, and the ultimately successful completion of the project. The Network Access Control solution from macmon can also be implemented successfully and with little effort in a distributed network structure, as it is the case at the insurance provider uniVersa.


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Case Study StepChange Charity

macmon opened a whole new world for the StepChange Debt Charity. Apart from massively reducing the workload for the admin team, it offered new ways of monitoring and interacting with network activities that were not possible before. Usability is a very important aspect for macmon NAC.


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