IT Administration

Operational Relief & Maximum Functional Transparency


Modern IT tools must fulfil both functional requirements and operational requirements. IT administrators often feel overloaded with tools whose added value is hardly apparent. Operational relief with simultaneous convenience and maximum functional transparency should always be a high priority when procuring new IT security solutions. An IT security solution must be a valuable tool and not a burden.


Whether it is the search for a "lost" leasing device or the checking of topological links in the infrastructure - clarity in one's own network is fundamentally important in order to initiate the right measures. Uncontrolled growth of networks or visits by service technicians without prior consultation with the IT managers are just two examples that IT administrators encounter on a daily basis. In today's complex IT infrastructures, a reliable overview and central control of the networks is irreplaceable for the daily work of IT administrators.

Internal Security

The need to protect internal network structures is often underestimated. Popular tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and antivirus clients lull companies into a false sense of security. In a dense network of security solutions, there may be unknown gaps that are then targeted by attackers. As a result of these lateral degrees of freedom, networks are compromised and the spread of malware can occur unhindered. Often, a system is missing that links existing security systems and ensures consistent enforcement of the diverse policies on the physical network level.

All-Round Protection

Every day, IT administrators are confronted with a multitude of warnings and recommendations for action from various tools that need to be dealt with. An important focus of IT departments should be the defence and containment of threats. An intelligent NAC system that automatically reacts to events of the security solutions used and connected is a significant relief for the operational business. Ultimately, it must be ensured that a NAC system reacts correctly to certain situations - intelligently, automatically and reliably.

How IT Administrators can secure IT with macmon NAC and SDP:

  • Monitoring and control of all devices in the network (live inventory management)
  • Use of a high degree of automation to establish standards while reducing the workload at the same time
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by exclusively granting network access for the defined devices
  • Provide dedicated and temporary Internet access for visitors without having to set up separate WLAN infrastructures for staff and guests
  • Protecting IT from attacks on sensitive, personal data
  • Secure and direct communication with local and cloud-based resources

macmon NAC – smartly simple

macmon NAC is the fastest and easiest to implement network access control solution on the market. After implementation, the simple handling reduces the administrative effort.


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