Secure Defined Perimeter

ZTNA by macmon secure for Networks and Clouds

macmon secure has been taking the ZTNA strategy into account since 2003 with its proven network access control solution, in which NAC only allows defined devices access to the network. With macmon SDP, macmon now extends the protection to all cloud services.

With its Zero Trust Network Access strategy, macmon secure extends its proven protection to all company resources in the cloud. It is the only provider of NAC and SDP with identity access management that is both from Germany and hosted in Germany, the focus on simple operation and use, this security offering is unique.

macmon SDP Suite 

Secure and Direct Communication

macmon SDP comprehensively secures your communication with corporate resources. By purchasing macmon SDP as SaaS (Software as a Service) you get the following basic security features:

Next Generation VPN

Local resources in the company network can be reached via a direct connection through a local SDP gateway. Encrypted tunnels are in place to secure communication and, depending on the configuration, only allow targeted resources to be reached.

Private Cloud Protection

After successful authentication, users can access their resources in cloud data centers via the macmon SDP Cloud Gateway. The usage is transparent and direct for the user.

Public Cloud Protection

Users can access your cloud applications in the public cloud directly via single sign-on, while the company retains control over access.

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