Brochure macmon NAC Story

Learn how macmon NAC prevents UFOs in your network right from the start and how it provides clarity in your network through convenient and automatic visualization. With macmon NAC you can easily and independently protect all devices used in your network, manage and supply new devices with necessary access and isolate them automatically if they do not meet the requirements.

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Broschure macmon NAC LifeCycle

The macmon NAC LifeCycle is divided into three phases, which at the same time from the basis of successful NAC projects. Overview, Network Access Control and Compliance.

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Datasheet 802.1X

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a global association that has committees for standardising technology, hardware and software. The standard 802.1X has already been revised and revamped several times and represents a well-developed recommendation for the secure authentication of devices in networks. macmon supports this standard and aids its introduction and operation.

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Datasheet Antivirus Connector

As a customer-focused developer of IT security technologies, we have seen the need to be able to respond quickly to critical situations, in many customer environments. Conficker and other Malware attacks have shown that in general, manual actions are often too late. Through centralized control of network accesses and its open architecture, macmon is in a powerful position to provide automated support.

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Checklist savings potential with macmon NAC

Thanks to its functions and automated systems, macmon NAC provides enormous potential for administrative savings. A simple checklist makes different savings opportunities for customers immediately  transparent, including the administrative effort to be saved in man-days and the resulting financial advantage.

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Datasheet Compliance

In addition to the Network Access Control, detailed monitoring of the authorized systems with respect to compliance with the security guidelines is increasingly important. In many situations, small “security breaches“ are adequate to provide easily accessible points of attack. Permanent monitoring of the “compliance status“ and automated enforcement of guidelines is therefore indispensable. As a specialist for  Network Access Control, macmon secure is aware of this requirement. With macmon compliance, macmon is the first manufacturer to offer the option to use multiple, connectable components in order to effectively enforce the company guidelines.

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Datasheet Guest Service

Today, nearly everyone has at least one mobile device and expects to be able to access the Internet wherever and whenever they are, but it remains to be seen whether this is a blessing or a curse. However, mobile workers, service providers, suppliers and customers often require detailed access to certain resources in your company‘s network, which means that neither UMTS & LTE nor a completely separate   guest network provide a sufficient solution.

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Datasheet Hardware Appliance

macmon secure offers the macmon NAC solution as a virtual appliance and as a physical hardware appliance. If server packs are used as part of macmon Scalability, the virtual appliance will not incur any additional licensing costs. All licensing costs are covered by the licensing of the server pack. The virtual appliance is provided as an OVF file and can be used with VMware and Microsoft HyperV.

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Calculator savings potential with macmon NAC

Thanks to its functions and automated systems, macmon NAC provides enormous potential for administrative savings. A simple checklist makes different savings opportunities for customers immediately  transparent, including the administrative effort to be saved in man-days and the resulting financial advantage. You can calculate yourself! Simply enter with your macmon consultant, simply enter your savings potential in minutes per month – based on your current network scenario – and calculate your personal savings potential per year.

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Datasheet Past Viewer

macmon Past Viewer offers the possibility to collect and process the data usually purged by Network Access Control, to have it in a structured way and obtain a historical view in addition to the live view. For each endpoint, it is possible to display when and where the IT was used on the network, which IP addresses and which names it had or on which VLAN it was.

Datasheet REST-API

The smartly simple connection to everything!
The macmon REST API connects your existing and future software solutions to allow you to fully utilize macmon NAC as the central force in your network. Whether you’re connecting identity stores, infrastructure components, asset management or security solutions, the macmon API offers unlimited access to macmon NAC’s smart network access control and its comprehensive network overview.

Datasheet Switch Viewer

For many years, macmon secure has offered an intelligently simple NAC solution to which various function beyond the control of network access have been implemented.
macmon Switch Viewer is available in addition to one of the macmon product bundles and enhances macmon NAC with additional network management functionality.
Details such as serial numbers, port configurations regarding speed, operating mode, VLANs, interface details and location, are read from the existing network components and made available via the macmon REST API for synchronization with existing CMDBs or asset management systems. Further inventory data as well as complete switch configuration data will also be saved centrally on macmon in the near future.

Datasheet Topology

Infrastructures even in “smaller“ companies, are becoming increasingly complex and unmanageable. Redundant connections, branched connections, widely distributed WLAN access points and highly  available core networks inevitably lead to fewer and fewer IT employees being able to memorise the current network plan – the topology. If, as is the case in most networks, the entire network is split into virtual networks and you want to carry out fault analysis there, this not only becomes complex, but it can also lead to serious errors when it comes to decision-making.

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Datasheet VLAN Manager

VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) provide the option of segmenting the network regardless of the physical structure. Segmenting a network reduces the broadcast load in the individual segments and also supports security concepts by separating the different areas from each other.

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Datasheet GDPR

Usually abbreviated as GDPR, this regulation replaces the more than 20-year-old legal frame-work for data protection. Until now, that framework consisted of the European Data Protection Directive from 1995 and the national data protection laws based on it, such as the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK). The GDPR regulates the type of data that must be protected and how this data is handled. It also prescribes specific control mechanisms and sanctions

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