Network Security for Corporations & Large Enterprises

Nowadays, large companies and corporations face the greatest challenges to their IT security. For it is precisely these companies that had a stress test in the Corona pandemic: employees had to move quickly and for the long term to home offices, but production capacities still had to be maintained as best as possible. The result: a changed mobile working world that must enable fast, secure and location-independent access to the company network.

Companies that have lax policies and insecure infrastructures and still grant their employees access to the company network are popular targets for cyber attacks.

Other special features of the IT situation in large companies are the high number of end devices to be managed and complex infrastructures, several company locations, large amounts of data, different decision-making distances in the company and often also strategic goals, such as cost optimisation.

Benefit for Enterprises and Corporations

With macmon NAC

  • Instant network overview with graphical reports & topology
  • Fast introduction & intuitive daily handling
  • Highly flexible "guest" portal with macmon NAC
  • Individual definition of policies on user and device level
  • Sensible integrations with other security products based on open APIs and standards (including REST, SAML, RADIUS, etc.)
  • infrastructure manufacturer agnostic and German & English support
  • Precise network segmentation
  • High degree of automation and flexible integration into existing workflows

With macmon SDP

  • Highly scalable for any number of users
  • Global availability
  • Seamless integration of cloud resources into private and public clouds
  • Individual definition of policies on user and device level
  • Increased security of access and data through macmon's integrated two-factor authentication
  • Comprehensive overview of the use of individual resources
  • Thanks to SAAS - minimal maintenance effort and low running costs
  • Hosted in Germany and DSGVO compliant

Siempelkamp Makes its Network Protection Even More Comprehensive

With macmon NAC, Siempelkamp standardises and improves its network protection across numerous locations, accelerates the processing time of requests by at least 60 percent and simplifies administration considerably.

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