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Facing IT Challenges with ZTNA

Increased Frequency of Attacks

IT security incidents have been an enormous burden for companies for years. The number of attack attempts is constantly growing and IT departments are under constant pressure to adapt the existing security systems to the state of the art. For this purpose, many companies have to make massive use of personnel capacities that are urgently needed elsewhere. The need for solutions in the area of IT security is increasingly developing in the direction of automated, intelligent systems to defend against the large number of attacks in order to master the situation.

Multiple Attack Vectors

In today's IT world, there are now very diverse types of end devices to be secured. For some years now, IoT & OT have offered great business potential and at the same time bring new risks for existing security concepts. This new type of device leads to changed requirements for suitable protective actions. There are now a large number of examples where hackers have gained access to corporate networks via unsecured IoT devices.

Internal Structures and Processes

Corporate networks are becoming increasingly complex and distributed. A clear perimeter cannot always be defined. A sensible network segmentation for the containment of IT security incidents and corresponding policies for the automated reaction to incidents are often not available or only partially available. Furthermore, the interaction of regulatory requirements and affordable technical effort is often a challenge. Consequently, there is often a lack of a central hub for testing, enforcing and documenting central rules at the physical network level.

A Matter of Budget

In addition to technical aspects, new IT procurements are also considered in terms of their business case. The focus should be on sustainable investment security. A new security solution must entail a justifiable level of expenditure and avoid follow-up investments. IT security never comes without effort, but an IT security incident is usually much more costly to deal with than initiating preventive measures.

How You as a Managing Director Can Secure Your IT:

  • Give your IT team the tools to monitor and control all devices on the network (live inventory management).
  • When selecting solutions, look for a high degree of automation as well as a high integration potential.
  • Demand that the integrity of the network is ensured by granting network access exclusively to the defined devices.
  • Value ease of use - consulting costs should never exceed the cost of the product.
  • Segmentation of the network with simultaneous flexible use should be an elementary component of the security concept.
  • Secure and direct communication with local and cloud-based resources must no longer be an optional criterion.

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