macmon for Wholesale & Retail Sector

Safeguarding Complex, Distributed Networks

Growth and consolidation in the retail sector is leading to even larger store structures. The increase in systems and devices belonging to the IT network is correspondingly extensive. The merger of different retail companies and the associated requirement to merge heterogeneous infrastructures of the individual store networks therefore requires intelligent solutions. macmon NAC offers the possibility to capture and graphically display the entire topology of a network. Thus, the full network overview is gained. In the graphical user interface, access can be controlled granularly, even to different V-LAN areas, by means of the complete overview of all devices. Authentication via SNMP and 802.1x are combined in a clear way in a uniform set of rules, with the possibility to regulate access for all devices.


Secure Access for Corporate and Customer Devices

For the company, enabling their customers to browse in-store is a competitive advantage. For the company, it can also provide the opportunity to collect customer data, create movement and interest profiles, and provide personalized content. To control these accesses securely and conveniently, macmon provides the guest portal, a tool to manage all guest accesses. In addition, authorizations can also be delegated to authorized employees (such as area and branch managers) without them having to deal with the administration of macmon NAC.


High Availability in Distributed Networks

macmon Scalability offers the possibility to map a high-availability implementation in decentralized network structures, also via WAN connections, which offers various options of server redundancy and failover, completely individually and according to requirements. The deployment depends strongly on the requirements and objectives. From the "hidden master" principle to simple failover to compensation of WAN connection failures, the availability of macmon NAC is thus ensured and the operation of critical systems in the branches (e.g. cash register systems) is guaranteed.


Benefits for Network Protection in Retail Sectors

With macmon NAC

  • Maximum security through granular access control and exact network segmentation
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by exclusively granting network access to the defined (owned and authorized) devices
  • Protection of administrative IT systems from attacks on sensitive and personal data
  • Monitoring and controlling all the devices located in the network (live asset management)
  • Dedicated Internet access for guests & visitors or BYOD initiatives
  • Meets different security standards (ISO, DPA, BDSG, LDSG)

With macmon SDP

  • Monitoring and control of access for home office workstations
  • Includes Cloud Identity Provider / Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Highly scalable for any number of users
  • Support for the implementation of operating models for cloud service models in public administration
  • "Split tunneling" out of the box
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and device level
  • Documentation of all accesses to the public authority/administration network, even with wide-ranging organizational structures including the use of cloud offerings for public administration
  • Fulfillment of Data Protection and Location Requirements

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