Network Access Control - "House of NAC"

Is your company's network protected in the digital age?

Companies face new challenges every day to secure their data and infrastructures. In every network there is a variety of different security risks and possible points of attack.

The "House of NAC" highlights potential points of attack for companies and demonstrates how network access control can counteract these threats. With macmon NAC, you always know which devices are being used in your network and can efficiently monitor your PCs, printers, laptops and any other technical devices at all times to protect them against unauthorized access. Guest devices and employee devices (BYOD) can be easily and securely authorized via the guest portal thanks to dynamic management of the network segments.

15 Security Risks and 15 Good Reasons to Use macmon NAC

Case 1: Public company areas & outdoor areas

Devices in public areas, such as ATMs or turnstiles, are a particularly difficult target to monitor.

✔ macmon NAC secures every point of access to the network.


Fall 2: Entrance areas

An IP camera is installed in the entrance area.

✔ macmon NAC prevents unauthorized, internal and external access to the camera.


Case 3: Visitors & guests

A guest logs into the network using their cell phone and tablet via the guest service.

✔ macmon NAC automatically gives the guest access to selected network resources.


Case 4: Printers

A standard printer can be a source of vulnerability for any company.

✔ macmon NAC will isolate the device if vulnerabilities are found.


Case 5: Employees' private devices

An employee connects a private cell phone to the company's WLAN. 

✔ The BYOD functionality makes registration simple while enabling the company to keep an overview of the employees' devices and make only selected resources available.

Case 6: Hacking

A spy tries to hack into the network.

✔ macmon prevents the external device from accessing the network.


Case 7: Sales representatives

A sales representative connects a company laptop to the network but the laptop has been infected with malware outside of the company.

✔ Thanks to macmon NAC, the device is immediately disconnected from the network.

Case 8: External employees

An external employee plugs in a notebook and connects to the company network via LAN or WLAN.

✔ External devices automatically get access to selected network resources when using the macmon NAC solution.

Case 9: Complex networks

An administrator maintains an overview of the network with multiple locations using macmon Topology. 

✔ Thanks to macmon NAC, the administrator can view all network processes at a glance in real time.

Case 10: Forgotten devices

Thanks to the comprehensive network monitoring functionality, even forgotten systems can be detected.

✔ macmon NAC finds all devices and helps locate them.

Case 11: Malware

A virus can be introduced by using a third-party USB stick or by opening an unknown e-mail attachment.

✔ macmon NAC immediately disconnects the device from the network.

Case 12: VoIP telephone

A changing assortment of sales notebooks are connected to the network via the VoIP telephone switch.

✔ Thanks to macmon NAC, it is not necessary to use multiple ports.

Case 13: Internet of Things (IoT)

The coffee machine is connected to the company network and is a potential security risk (IoT).

✔ When using macmon NAC, the coffee machine is visible in the network and can be easily separated from the rest of the company IT infrastructure in order to isolate the risk.

Case 14: Port change

Moving equipment around can result in a port change: The printer is connected to the computer port and vice versa.

✔ The equipment can be moved around without any problem, a new configuration is not necessary.

Case 15: Office moves

An employee has moved within the company and needs access to the usual resources.

✔  With macmon NAC, the employee automatically gets access to the usual resources.


macmon NAC - Modules & Bundles

macmon Network Access Control provides you with a complete overview of your entire network environment at all times, performs a large number of essential network configurations automatically and  thereby guarantees that all of the devices in your network are protected against unauthorised access and network attacks.
For this excellent protection, macmon offers two product bundles:

Network Bundle, Premium Bundle und Add-Ons


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