Network Access Control

Overview, Comfort, Security of your Network Access

macmon Network Access Control enables you to know what devices are on your network and where to find them. UFOs (unknown frightening objects) are a thing of the past, as all your devices such as PCs, printers, laptops, medical and technical devices are identified at any time, efficiently monitored and protected against unauthorized access. Guest and employee devices (BYOD) can be easily and securely authorized via the macmon guest service using dynamic management of network segmentation.


macmon NAC Bundles

macmon NAC Lifecycle

Detect UFOs – Friend or Foe?

The macmon NAC LifeCycle is divided into three phases, which at the same time from the basis of successful NAC projects.

  • Overview
    • Get a complete network overview
      and detect UFOs
      (unknown frightening objects)
      in your network.
  • Network Access
    • Effective access control
      and consistent automatic
      rules and policies
      for controling all devices.
  • Compliance
    • Verification of the security levels,
      automatic isolation
      of unsecure devices and
      integration of technology partners.

Coordinated Security Packages

With macmon Network Access Control you always know which devices are connected to your network and where. It provides profound protection for your corporate network and is a centralized security authority that protects your network against intrusion from unauthorized devices, and ensures the complete overview of all your devices. To protect your network against unauthorized access, macmon provides two efficient product bundles as well as additional Add-Ons.

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macmon NAC-Story

How We Prevent Ufos in Your Network

Learn how macmon NAC prevents UFOs in your network right from the start and how it provides clarity in your network through convenient and automatic visualization. With macmon NAC you can easily and independently protect all devices used in your network, manage and supply new devices with necessary access and isolate them automatically if they do not meet the requirements.

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What is macmon NAC?

See & Hear How NAC Works!

In our new macmon video you will get the most important information about Network Access Control!

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