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Automated Enforcement of the Central Company and IT Security Guidelines!

In addition to the network access control, detailed monitoring of the authorized systems with respect to compliance with the security guidelines is increasingly important. In many situations, "small security breaches" are adequate to provide easily accessible points of attack. Permanent monitoring of the "compliance status" and automated enforcement of guidelines is thus indispensable. As a specialist for network access control, macmon secure is aware of this requirement. With macmon compliance, macmon is the first manufacturer to offer the option to use multiple, connectable components in order to effectively enforce the company guidelines.

The decisive factor here is that 99% of the companies already use systems that are capable of ascertaining the compliance status of the endpoints and informing the administrators about any discrepancies. However, almost all of them commonly require manual enforcement of the guidelines or the enforcement is reactive at best.

Here, macmon Network Access Control solution offers the required, decisive support: The macmon compliance add on module includes four different components: Depending on the requirements, the compliance status can be received from external sources, actively solicited through connection to external databases or actively determined by macmon agents. Additionally, macmon can use events from the integrated IF-MAP technology.

Case Study Ritter Sport

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The functionality of the "Past Viewers" module allows Ritter Sport to record past data and make it available for audits and certifications.        



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