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05/20/2021 | News | Intervista a Christian Bücker, CEO di macmon Secure: perché dalla convergenza tra IT e OT nasce la necessità di un nuovo…
12/03/2020 | News
Il Vendor tedesco per la soluzione Network Access Control (NAC) è presente nel mercato italiano grazie alla partnership con Bludis, distributore…
08/11/2020 | News | Skvělá zpráva, macmon je nyní součástí Garner Market Guide pro řízení přístupu do sítě, ...

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01/18/2022 | Press Releases
The leading vendor of network access control solutions, macmon secure GmbH, Berlin, today announces its acquisition by Belden Inc.
09/28/2021 | Press Releases
Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS) is a security solution that uses machine learning to detect anomalies hidden in network traffic.
05/18/2021 | Press Releases
Christian Bücker, Managing Director of macmon secure GmbH, expects a high level of interest for the market entry of macmon SDP (Secure Defined…
02/05/2021 | Press Releases
Greenbone Security Manager (GSM) from Greenbone Networks identifies security gaps in a company’s IT systems and evaluates their potential risk. In…

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