IT Management

Manage Future-Proof and Secure IT Infrastructure

Changed Trustworthiness

Outdated security architectures and lack of IT security awareness make convenient and secure access to corporate resources more important than ever. Modern security technologies rely on a variety of security criteria before access is granted. At the same time, it is important to make both access management and access itself intuitive and efficient so as not to generate disproportionate additional work with increased security.


Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory or process-related added values for achieving defined protection goals must be immediately apparent in an IT solution. At the same time, IT security solutions should provide support for audits and other verifications. There are comparable requirements for IT security across industries, but in some cases very different types of evidence for internal or external audits. A freely customisable reporting functionality offers optimal support for these challenges.

Reduced Workload

IT solutions must always generate operationally measurable added value. Intelligent functions and automated processes offer enormous advantages without losing transparency. Consistent and comprehensive security mechanisms ensure better trust in the solutions used and create free space for other challenges of daily operations.


Value creation is increasingly shifting to areas that are difficult for the company to control. Home offices, mobile working or globally distributed teams pose great challenges to traditional security mechanisms. Both access from external access points and the dynamics within a company network require new solutions. Maintaining control over a network is an important task that can only be achieved with the right tools.



How you as CISO, CIO, CTO can Secure Your IT with macmon NAC and SDP:

  • Monitoring and control of all devices in the network (live inventory management)
  • Central management of access to all company resources - Identity Access Management
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by exclusively granting network access for the defined devices
  • Establishment of automated workflows in access management but also in the reaction to security incidents
  • Provide dedicated and temporary internet access for visitors without having to set up separate WLAN infrastructures for staff and guests.
  • Protecting IT from attacks on sensitive, personal data
  • Secure and direct communication with local and cloud-based resources

Checklist Savings Potential with macmon

macmon NAC offers enormous administrative savings potential thanks to its functionalities and automatisms. A simple checklist provides immediate transparency on the various savings opportunities for the customer, including the administrative effort to be saved in man-days and the resulting monetary advantage.

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