Securing Manufacturing Networks

macmon NAC & SDP for Critical Infrastructure

In production areas, common communication systems such as fieldbus, Interbus or Profibus have increasingly been replaced by PROFINET, an Ethernet-based data communication system.

The growing relevance of WLAN in the production environment is hardly surprising, because compared to fixed cabling, it enables flexible data transmission between machines. In addition, employees can easily access devices, applications and data.


However, in addition to economic advantages - since standard components are now used for data exchange - this circumstance also offers enormous potential for danger. With the increasing networking of production systems, which in some cases extends into the office world, the complexity and vulnerability of the networks is increasing.

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Benefits of macmon for production network protection:

With macmon NAC

  • Linking all the production equipment without any risk to the existing network or the production itself
  • Ensuring immediate access to production systems for maintenance technicians by defining specific communication channels and appropriate security of these channels
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by only granting network access for the defined (internal and approved) devices
  • Supporting the ISO 27001 certification
  • Monitoring and control of all the devices present in the network (live asset management) and documentation of all accesses to the network
  • Different access control to selected network areas like production VLAN and office VLAN
  • Defining specific data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more specific protection of sensitive data like technological know-how or production data

With macmon SDP

  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs thanks to SaaS
  • Exact network segmentation
  • Individual policies can be defined at user level and device level
  • Flexible and adaptable implementation of compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive overview of the use of individual resources
  • Fulfillment of verification requirements according to ISO, PCI or also GDPR requirements
  • Hosted in Germany


Simple solutions for a complex infrastructure

Thanks to macmon NAC, Hagleitner was able to move migrating departments in live operation - without any patching! We were able to authenticate the endpoints over the macmon RADIUS server by MAC address, user name/password, AD account or certificate.


Case Study F. MURPF AG

Transporting food requires reliable processes

With macmon Network Access Control we now know at all times which devices are on F. MURPF's network and where they are located. The implementation was quick and easy, and all locations were connected on schedule.


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