Major release: macmon NAC 6.0

03/18/2024 | Press Releases

Version 6 of Belden's macmon Network Access Control (NAC) is now available and brings some important new features. Here are the key features:

Debian 11 integration

The new version uses the operating system Debian 11. Debian 11 provides important security features, including TLS 1.3 support in 802.1X. Debian is known as one of the most popular open-source programs and operating systems. With Debian 11, users can expect continuous security patches and benefit from improved stability and performance.


The term "future-proofing" refers to designing systems, technologies or solutions in a way  they can be used effectively and efficiently in the future, even if the technology changes. By integrating Debian 11 and taking future oriented features into account, macmon NAC ensures longevity and adaptability.

Conversion to React

React is a modern, secure and powerful technology, which serves as a library for creating web and native user interfaces.

  • The switch to React results in faster page load times.
  • The redesigned and restructured menu bar improves the user experience.
  • Contextual help is now displayed next to the page title to emphasize its relevance.
  • The color scheme matches the background and ensures a balanced GUI design.
  • Each menu item retains its icon, even when the menu is minimized.
  • A compact menu enables navigation and at the same time offers more space for important information. One or two additional columns can now be displayed in tables.

Snack notifications on the GUI

In the new version, notifications are displayed on the graphical user interface (GUI).

  • All notifications are always present in the visual range so that they can no longer be overlooked, even when scrolling through many sets of data.


Notification tray (notification field)

The notification tray is an area on the screen where notifications are collected and displayed.  The snacks are also saved in the notification tray in case the user switches pages and wants to view the information later.  Notifications in the tray can display various statuses, such as successfully completed actions and security warnings.

Extended success and error messages

In the context of snacks and the notification tray, success and error messages are more detailed and contextualized. 

  • Error messages can contain specific error codes, causes and possible solutions.

Overall, the extended success and error messages of the macmon NAC user interface as Snack & Notification Tray provide an efficient way to communicate important information to the user without interrupting the workflow. This improvement also increases usability for the administrator.

New login page

The new login page also welcomes the customer in the new Belden design and is also based on React technology. In addition to the new technical structure, the new page offers the following features:

  • A label can be stored for the appliance, which directly identifies the system better. This is particularly helpful for partner technicians who may address several macmon appliances.
  • Customers who use SAML can now perform their single sign-on via the page with a single click. If the SAML login is under maintenance or has problems, a normal login can be carried out just as easily.

Jochen Füllgraf

Belden Inc., Product Manager macmon NAC

"With the new major release, we have rebuilt the basis for stability, security and future-proofing. Every IT and OT customer will benefit from the new options and will soon be able to utilise further innovations based on them."

About macmon

macmon secure GmbH has been developing network security software since 2003 and is based in the heart of Berlin. macmon secure extends its proven protection to all enterprise resources in the cloud in 2021 with its zero-trust network access strategy, and is the only provider of NAC plus SDP with Identity and Access Management from Germany.The products macmon NAC (Network Access Control solution) and macmon SDP (Secure Defined Perimeter) are used worldwide to protect networks and cloud resources from unauthorized access. macmon has a broad diverse range of customers varying throughout all industries, capturing SMB’s, medium sized enterprises through to large international corporations. Since its acquisition in 2022, macmon secure has been part of the Industrial Automation Solutions (INS) division of Belden Inc. 

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