Global Endpoint Management with macmon NAC

Smooth and Secure Network Access for High Employee Satisfaction

The Rohrer Group is a family-run company that has been under private ownership for 45 years. The headquarters of the Rohrer Group is in Niklasdorf in the Austrian state of Styria. The Rohrer Group specializes in numerous industrial services, has around 45 locations and employs more than 3,600 people, of whom around 1,000 work in IT.

The Group’s global IT is managed by a nine-person IT team led by Head of IT Franz Wohlscheiber. Five experts in IT administration and support, two software developers and one SAP support expert handle all the challenging tasks at the company headquarters. Jörg Steinlechner, together with the Infrastructure and Support team, was in charge of implementing macmon NAC.

Key Facts about Case Study Rohrer Group

Biggest challenges:

  • Heterogeneous, international IT infrastructure 
  • High availability requirements

Reasons for macmon NAC:

  • Simple licensing model
  • High flexibility
  • Scalability

Successes with macmon NAC:

  • Cost reduction and high employee
  • customer satisfaction through smooth network access

“Throughout its history, our company has consistently grown beyond Austria’s borders, including the takeover of numerous competitors on the market—along with their organically developed IT infrastructures,” explains Steinlechner. “This posed a great challenge for us, not least in keeping track of all the existing endpoints. With the help of macmon NAC, we are now able to monitor and manage this heterogeneous, international infrastructure with just a single tool, which has drastically reduced the burden on our team.”

The Rohrer Group’s portfolio of services

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Industrial scaffolding
  • Industrial insulation
  • Tank cleaning/maintenance
  • Systems engineering
  • Pipeline engineering
  • Assembly and downtime management
  • Automation & EIC
  • Civil engineering

Easy decision for macmon NAC

Choosing the solution from macmon secure GmbH was an easy decision for the Rohrer Group’s IT team. After participating in a webinar to learn about the solution offered by the Berlin-based network security experts, including its favorable price–performance ratio and simple licensing model, the Rohrer Group was ready to start the implementation and rollout in just a few weeks.

Jörg Steinlechner elaborates: “I was won over by three key aspects of the solution: flexibility, scalability and reliability. And this assessment was confirmed by our long-standing IT system house partner.

With the macmon NAC solution, the employees in the IT team are able to manage the more than 1,400 endpoints, including notebooks, workstations, printers and various IOT devices.


Jörg Steinlechner, System Administrator Infrastructure, Rohrer Group

“With the help of macmon NAC, we are now able to monitor and manage this heterogeneous, international infrastructure with just a single tool, which has drastically reduced the burden on our team.”

Jörg Steinlechner explains: "We have a large number of employees who are deployed at different locations, for example when cleaning industrial systems. The same is true for our management staff, who frequently visit other locations. That’s why it’s important to keep endpoints running smoothly so that they can access data from the network conveniently and without restrictions. This avoids inconvenient disruptions and time-consuming downtimes during on-site work, which reduces costs and increases employee and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, new devices are approved as soon as they are installed and are ready for group-wide use at any location without the need for further administration. This provides great flexibility and allows employees–and their endpoints—to work in any location.”



“Prior to implementation, we had a few DHCP servers with active filters to prevent unknown devices from obtaining an IP address on our networks. These filters were maintained manually. When employees changed locations, they often found that their laptops couldn’t access the network because the filters hadn’t been properly maintained. Now with macmon NAC, endpoints are registered centrally and automatically to grant group-wide access. And when we remove faulty, stolen or retired devices from our database, macmon does the rest by blocking all network access from the time of removal.”


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