One solution for your industry

macmon NAC for your industry

Different industries also mean different requirements. What we offer: a flexible Network Access Control solution to the following industries that delivers superior network protection. As an established product on the market, macmon has stood the test of time. 

Authorities & puplic sectors

Authorities & puplic sectors hold a large amount of sensitive personal information - on all of us. At the same time this data needs to always be readily available to the official in charge - on various devices and in various locations.


However, the education industry has high-level demand requirements concerning Network Access Control. Taking into consideration the large volume of students, the huge diversity of unmanaged devices and enabling a free information flow whilst protecting students.

Finance & Insurance

Banks, financial institutions, financial service providers and insurance companies all handle data that can ultimately lead to economic loss (e.g. financial identity theft) and cause significant damages. Financial organizations now also need to provide their customers with mobile access to their systems to stay competitive.


IT networks that integrate medical devices become medical networks. Access control and the right protection on multi-purpose networks are vital. And potentially life-threatening otherwise.


The growing number of networks in production environments, which partially extends into office workplaces, is causing the complexity and vulnerability of networks to increase. In contrast to office workplaces however, sensitive components in production networks, such as robots, machines and control systems, cannot be protected using conventional means.

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