macmon NAC for healthcare

macmon Network Access Control for critical infrastructure: Safeguarding IT and medical networks

IT networks that integrate medical devices become medical networks. In almost all the hospitals, the IT networks are also medical networks at the same time. The fact that the modern devices require a network connection and the requirement of the doctors to be able to access the digital results such as MRT systems (anytime and anywhere), is generally compelling the IT departments to integrate the networks that were previously separate.

macmon benefits for network security in hospitals and clinics:

  • Connecting all the medical equipment without any risk for the existing network or the medical devices
  • Providing flexible access (in terms of time and location) to patient data for doctors and simultaneous protection from unauthorized access
  • Providing dedicated and temporary Internet access for guests and patients, without having to setup separate WLAN infrastructures for doctors and patients
  • Ensuring the integrity of the network by only granting network access for the defined (internal and approved) devices
  • Supporting the ISO 27001 certification, the IT baseline security catalogues and hospital certification processes (e.g. KTQ certification or DIN IEC 80001)
  • Monitoring and control of all the devices present in the network (live asset management) and documentation of all accesses to the hospital's network
  • Defining specific data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more specific protection of sensitive data like patient information


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