IT Security & OT Security in medical networks

macmon NAC & SDP for Critical Infrastructure in Healthcare

macmon secure is a reliable partner for monitoring and securing critical infrastructure in the healthcare sector. macmon's products follow the zero-trust approach and make no compromises when it comes to protecting sensitive patient, research, or donor data.

IT networks that integrate medical devices are becoming medical networks - which means that IT networks are now also medical networks in almost all hospitals. They have requirements from IT and OT security as well as industry-specific characteristics.


Modern medical devices are increasingly expected to have a network connection so that doctors can access digital results, e.g. from imaging procedures, anytime and anywhere. This usually forces IT departments to integrate previously separate networks. This results in greater efficiency and time savings, so that more patients can be treated in less time. However, the convergence of systems also creates new risks, as the new interfaces can also become gateways for attackers. Cyber incidents in hospitals and other healthcare providers are increasingly making headlines. System failures have serious consequences in the healthcare sector and, in the worst case, can cost lives.


Medical networks and systems must therefore guarantee high availability. A robust, cyber-resilient security concept is required. The security solutions from macmon secure provide a basis for a holistic cybersecurity approach in the healthcare sector.


Learn how to use macmon NAC in critical infrastructures like the healthcare sector and how to generate added value with it. In this industry video we explain how to secure IT and sensitive patient data in medical networks. 

macmon NAC to secure your healthcare IT-network

DIN EN 80001 applies to medical IT networks. The integration of medical devices increases the complexity as well as the dangers and risks. By defining general requirements for medical networks, in particular for risk management, essential properties such as explicit availability and the protection of confidential data have to be achieved. Several special features in networks in the healthcare industry therefore require strategic protective measures, to which macmon contributes with its diverse protection mechanisms.

With macmon NAC

  • Manufacturer agnostic-solution: Integration of all medical technology without risk to the existing network or medical devices
  • Granular access management: Enabling physicians to access patient data flexibly in terms of time and location while protecting the network against unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity of the network by exclusively granting network access to the defined (own and approved) devices
  • Guest portal: Providing dedicated and temporary Internet access for guests and patients without having to set up separate WLAN infrastructures for doctors and patients
  • Live inventory management: monitoring and control of all devices in the network and documentation of all access to the hospital network
  • Compliance with industry standards: support for certification in accordance with ISO 27001, the IT baseline protection catalogs and hospital certification procedures (e.g. KTQ certification or DIN EN 80001)
  • Data protection: definition of targeted data routes and transfer interfaces for better and more targeted protection of sensitive data such as patient information

With macmon SDP

  • Accessibility: thanks to SaaS - high and global availability
  • Increased network security: through precise network segmentation
  • Enforcement of security guidelines: policies are defined individually at user and device level
  • Compliance: flexible and customizable implementation of compliance requirements
  • Transparency: comprehensive overview of the use of individual resources
  • Regulations: Fulfillment of verification obligations in accordance with ISO, PCI or GDPR requirements
  • Made In Germany: Hosted in Germany, German support

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References from the healthcare sector

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