Control Your Access Based on the Security Status of Terminal Endpoints

macmon NAC is the central force on the network. In addition, the endpoints are also checked for their safety and their security level. To achieve this, macmon NAC offers various verification processes. The most powerful one is the integration of third-party platforms. Usually a solution is already in use that checks for security violations and provides this crucial information. Endpoints that do not pass the check are automatically isolated. After the endpoint was cured, it returns to the original point of network access.


  • Proactive response to sources of safety-related info 
  • Automated isolation of compromised systems on the network
  • Comprehensive mapping of compliance policies, supported by vendor independent security integrations, and optionally the macmon agent
  • Connect to antivirus solutions from industry leading vendors to automatically respond to critical events
  • Trouble-free third-party integrations

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Get a complete network overview and detect UFOs (unknown frightening objects) in your network.


Network Access Control

Effective Access control and consistent automatic rules and policies for controling all devices.

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