Get a Complete Overview About Your Network and Detect UFOs

The decisive factor is that the existing infrastructure is used and a complete network overview is already available on the intuitive web GUI of macmon NAC within a few hours. The focus is on low implementation and operating costs.

The resulting overview allows an initial assessment of the network state with regard to the number and type of UFOs (unknown frigthening objects). At the same time, the status of the network for the implementation of NAC can be seen and a decision can be made which steps still need to be considered.


  • Recording of the entire infrastructure and all end endpoints as live inventory management
  • Vendor independence to cover every network, even mixed component environments with older and newer models 
  • Display of events on the network, e.g. attacks such as ARP spoofing or MAC spoofing
  • Highly flexible third-party integrations using the open REST API for Asset Management, CMDB and other solutions 
  • Visualized network topology offering extensive features for in-depth analysis 
  • Comprehensive reporting on collected network data
  • Detection of UFOs and known endpoints on the network

Other Phases of the LifeCycle:



Effective Access control and consistent automatic rules and policies for controling all devices.



Verification of the security levels, automatic isolation of unsecure devices and integration of technology partners.

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