Network Access Control

Control your access based on endpoint identities

Whether you want to use the reactive approach via SNMP, the proactive approach via 802.1X or a mixed operation for access control, the uniform and automatic macmon NAC rules engine makes no difference administratively.

The combination of macmon NAC with existing Identity Stores - CMDBs, Asset Management, AD/LDAP or Mobile Device Management (MDM) - leads to a central and complete view that is always up-to-date.


  • Technology independent: Mixed operation with and without 802.1X/RADIUSS
  • Adjustable: mapping and implementation of any VLAN concepts
  • Compatible: integration with any Identity Store for seamless system maintenance 
  • Efficient: guest portal with sponsor and BYOD functionality to reduce the workload 
  • Flexible: establishing security zones and earmarked access 
  • Powerful: dynamic and automatic rules and policies
  • Automatically: isolation of UFOs

Other phases of the LifeCycle:



Get a complete network overview and detect UFOs (unknown frightening objects) in your network.



Verification of the security levels, automatic isolation of unsecure devices and integration of technology partners.

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